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I Know You Are Here Because


We ALL Struggle with Not Feeling Enough:

  • ​If You have Limiting Beliefs about what’s Possible and Your Finances

  • If You Procrastinate More than You Take Action

  • If You are Afraid of Not being Good Enough

  • If You are Scared of Being Rejected

The Good News is that You Are Not Alone

And Your Past doesn't Have to Define
 Your Future

It's Time to Level Up

​​​Become The You

You have Always Dreamt of Being​

Modern Science and Spirituality have shown that you can Empower Yourself to:


Win At the Game of Life 

Achieve Business Success by Pursuing your Passion

Attract the Right Relationships 

Feel immense Confidence and Self-Love

Reach new levels of Energy, Focus and Clarity

Once you Understand the Rules of a Happy Life

You will Embark on a journey to Become the person You have Always Dreamt of Being

And Discover Your Purpose in the process

 You will Achieve more progress on Your Goals in One Month than All Year


In A Way that Works for You

 I Combine Three Different Psychology Techniques to Support your Growth​​ 

and Maximize our Time Together



Hypnotherapy helps quickly reset your mindset in under 3 sessions:

-  Self esteem and confidence

-  Money/Business Growth

-  Performance/Anxiety

- Relationships

- Procrastination

- Rejection

- Imposter syndrome


Human Design Chart

Your soul came here with a plan to live a spectacular life. Human Design is the roadmap on how to live a life that is Authentically yours.

Your Human Design Chart helps me personalize your sessions for your benefit and personality as well as guide us to your purpose.



The Enneagram is a personality typing system based on ancient spiritual traditions which describes people in terms of their core motivations, desires and fears.

It helps understand your motivations and what works for you.

Stage and Leaves

In less than a Month 
The Future You will Thank You!

Coaching Customized to Your Needs

We are each Unique in how we approach the world and what Motivates and Fulfills us.

We each have a personal journey to Live the Life of our Dreams. 

I believe that there is No One Way to get there.


I offer Customized Coaching in:​​

Toy Brain


Helping you redefine you Money and Business Mindset from Lack to Abundance. Together we define your Purpose: what Drives and Motivates you so you can leverage your strengths to Achieve your Financial Goals. Then we will rewire limiting beliefs around Money with the help of Hypnotherapy so you can Live the Life of your Dreams.



The most important part of altered states of mind is their potential to integrate our shadow and heal our trauma to achieve personal freedom and self love. During this transformational episode, I will guide you to release your shadow and heal your inner child. You will become your own Best Friend in the process and start living the Life of Your Dreams.

Stones of Meaning


I am here to help you make the best decisions during periods of struggle and  indecision when you need a trusting ear to listen and help guide you.

You will be able to text me during exclusive periods when you need active support in making daily decisions related to relationships, work or other choices.


Concrete Wall


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