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When you know the rules to a successful life Change becomes Fun

We often resist change until it feels like it's too late and there are no other options left. I know I have.

Yet, throughout my life I had to change and adapt many times:

  1. I moved countries and learned five languages by the age of 13 while making new friends every time.

  2. I changed career paths three times and launched my own business in search of alignment with my values and purpose.

  3. I became a best selling author and traveled to more than 40 countries.

Now, I believe that change is part of our DNA and success is our birthright. The moment you understand the rules of a happy life,  you will transform into the person you have always dreamed of being  instead of being frustrated that things are not going your way.

I love neuroscience and I am highly intuitive. I combine methodologies across both spectrums to customize treatments. I use rapid transformational therapy leveraging neuroplasticity and the human design and enneagram methods to customize plans and treatments for your unique gifts and challenges. 


You are not alone on this journey

It is my calling to guide you to your most Successful & Fulfilled Self

Let's climb the pyramid to success together

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In addition to using Rapid Transformational Therapy, I combine the Human Design and Enneagram methodology to bring a personalized treatment approach to each client and their goals for success and self fulfillment.

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Having used Rapid Transformational Therapy in my own life, I now use this method to support and transform your mindset. RTT is a hybrid form of therapy based on neuroscience, incorporating the most beneficial principles of cognitive behavoural therapy (CBT), psychotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) in addition to the most beneficial elements of hypnotherapy meaning the therapist can select the most appropriate tools to treat the individual needs of the client.

Unlike some other forms of talk therapy, RTT is a short term therapy that focuses on the root cause of issues and helps you to understand and reframe subconscious behaviour patterns and looping thoughts. It is a solution-based therapy that is both rapid and long lasting. Once you understand and gain awareness of what drives your behaviour, you have the power to fix it in a rapid and lasting way. Together, we can look at where you've been, but focus on where you want to go.

RTT has been recognised for its unparalleled results and is accredited by many regulatory bodies as well as being acknowledged by the Royal School of Medicine in New York and London.


Human Design Chart

           “Human Design helps us understand what sets us apart from others by way of increased clarity on our everyday decisions.” 


This essentially means living life as our most authentic self. All of this is based on our Human Design chart which is established at the time we are born.  For example, my design is to be a manifesting generator which means that it is my purpose to inspire and create. Those are both two forces that motivate and move me. 


 “Human Design is a holistic system that uses differentiation as its guiding principle, a process for detaching from what society thinks is right for us and instead, re-establishing our individuality.”



The Enneagram is a personality system that can illuminate many paths through which you can do inner child work and shadow work. “The Enneagram can illuminate the act of seeing, recognizing, and making space for the parts of ourselves we see as negative or ugly and have therefore fractured off.” It can be very inspiring to think about character as this fluid potential. We aren't static. We are on a spectrum of evolution and can change if we chose to.


I self identify as enneagram 8. I am motivated by action - acting on gut instinct and making things happen are, therefore, second nature to me. I find it easy to influence the external environment and I tend to believe that almost any action is better than doing nothing at all.

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